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Ava Adams - 004 by OnlyMilf
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Dani Sperle - Big Body Brazil by BigBodyBrazil
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Dani Sperle - Big Body Brazil :iconbigbodybrazil:BigBodyBrazil 97 2


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Mask of the Lioness

"This one, the one that looks like a lioness." The blonde said pointing at the mask.

The older shopkeep looked at the foreigner skeptically "That one? No no no, you take this one. Cheaper." he pointed at a second less elaborate mask, a decidedly less... magical mask.

"Money is no issue, I've got more than enough to afford a silly souvenir." The blonde flashed a smile trying to convince the shopkeep to part with the mask that had caught her eye. The owner sighed and frowned. Who was he to stop some ignorant tourist, as long as she was willing to pay it wasn't his business what happened when she put the mask on.

The two haggled over the price for a bit, but she eventually left with her prize in tow, a carved wooden mask, shaped like a female lion and painted in detail swirls. There was just something about it that called to her. It would make a perfect addition to all the things she had collected from her travels, sure some people called her a bit of an eclectic, but whats wrong with being eclectic?

She waited the long trip home until she finally held the mask to her face, wanting to see how it looked before she put in on the wall next to a few other travel trophies. As she held it up a slight tugging sensation pulled it closer, she was startled at the sudden force as it yanked her arms and the mask closer to her face. The tried to pull it back but there was no stopping the sudden suction and the mask slapped against her almost painfully. She doubled over as a fierce heat seemed to engulf her. Her head swam and the room seemed to tilt as she struggled to keep upright. She could feel some... some strange power coming from the mask. She tried to pull it off of her face but she couldn't even find the edge at first it was so tight...

The burning power felt like it was melting her from the inside out, and she was dimly aware that her body was... changing. She caught a glance of what looked like a tail growing out from her spine, she could feel her ears growing in size as they almost slid up the side of her head. With a last panicked burst of adrenaline she gripped the tight edge of the mask and pried with all her might, eventually popping it of in a blinding flash of light.

She woke several hours later, blinking away stars as she rubbed her face. It felt... strange. The mask was gone, but... the shape of her face felt wrong and... was that fur? She rushed to a mirror and looked at herself. Two round furry ears poked up out of her hair, she still had a lion's tail, and a mask of fur covered her face from her muzzle up her wide feline nose to her now golden eyes.

I do not own the rights to the original image used for this photo-manipulation, if the owner requests its removal I shall do so =) (Smile)
~The Warlock

The Price of Curves
She had heard the stories about the blessings bestowed by the magical goat's milk. People said that those who drank just a single drop found themselves gaining perfect curves and milky white skin. Marcy had always liked a Gothic style, and with a bigger bust and perfect skin she would look so mysterious and sexy... and it was all within her grasp. She had tracked down the farmer with the supposed "magical" goat, and paid more than she had wanted to get a small bottle of it's milk. The farmer had warned her, only to drink a single sip. She had asked why she couldn't drink the whole bottle but he had just given her this cold and grim look and she had been to afraid to push the issue.

Now she was at home, safely away from the strange farm, a cold glass of milk in hand. She nervously raised it to her mouth and took the smallest sip, never having tried goat's milk and worried about the farmers warning. As the pearly white liquid met her tongue her knees felt weak, and she nearly cried out in joy. It was the most amazing thing she had ever tasted, perfectly cold and creamy, unlike anything she had every drank before. This goat was truly as blessed as the rumors said... but was it actual magic? She looked down to see if she had already changed, but nothing had happened yet. She sighed, about to give up when she felt a tingle of electricity run through her body.

She felt her skin start to get warmer, and she grinned as it started to become smoother and more pale. Then her body started to become more curvy, her hips slowly thickened into a sexy hourglass like shape, and her breasts grew until they were at least two cup sizes larger. She couldn't believe it, actual magic, she was a busty and pale Gothic sex goddess, just like she had always wanted. She was so happy, she wanted to try on her corset and see how shapely she looked in the black leather bodice.

As she moved toward her dresser she remembered the glass of milk on her nightstand. It still sat there, half full and looking so delightfully cold and delicious. The taste of the magical milk flooded back into her memory and she hesitated. She couldn't get the thought of the milk out of her mind, it was just... so good... so tasty... It... It wouldn't hurt to have just one more sip would it? What could happen anyhow? Worst outcome, she would be even curvier and nobody would be able to resist her sexiness.

Throwing caution to the wind and ignoring the old farmer she downed the glass, savoring the wonderful flavor as it danced on her tongue. She felt like she was in a dream, there was nothing that could taste this good without the aide of magic, she just wanted to... Her thoughts were interrupted as a strong stinging feeling ran over her body, it was not like the strange and exciting tingle of earlier, this one was... strong, and felt... wrong. She looked down at herself in fear, watching as her hips swelled into a pair of thighs she would be lucky to ever squeeze into a pair of pants. Her ass started to feel... plush, as if it was becoming much larger and softer, and it only took moments before her belly did the same. It didn't take long until her lower body was covered in thick voluptuous curves, and she looked at her tits in concern as they too began to grow. They felt painfully hot, and the pressure building in them wasn't stopping, they kept swelling larger until they were nearly larger than her head, with nipples that must have been as wide as her finger and at least an inch long.

She looked like some sort of fertility goddess more than a sex goddess now, and she was unsure if she liked her new changes. She moved to her bedroom mirror to look at her new body when she felt the unpleasant heat move into her head. Her ears ached, her forehead stung, her nose felt numb, even her eyes were blurry and painful . She could feel her ears changing, growing longer and drooping downwards even if her sight was obscured by her blurry vision. The headache finally subsided, she couldn't tell what had happened, but she had felt like her skull had been pulled and was worried at what had happened to her. She nearly sneezed as her nose kept twisting and settled into what she knew was a less human shape.

After a few minuets her vision finally came back into focus and she relaxed for a moment, happy she hadn't gone blind. She almost wished she had when she saw herself though. Milky white skin, a thick sexualized body with outrageous hips and huge nipples, but what was most disturbing was her head. She had long goat ears, a split goat's nose, actual horns protruding from her head, and yellow eyes with little rectangular pupils. She was part goat... She was half girl half goat! What kind of evil magic was that farmer selling, why would he do this to her, she had only wanted to be curvy and pale, not... this...

She cursed the farmer for a few moments before realizing it was not his fault. He had warned her not to drink more of the milk, she had been the one unable to resist it's taste. Now she was a hyper curved goatgirl, She began to try and find an outfit that would hide her new "features" determined to get back to the farm and plead for some cure to her condition. Hopefully the farmer would be able to turn her back, even if only a little. It took her a little while to get ready, but she was just about to leave when she stopped in her kitchen, her eyes drawn to her fridge. She had poured half of the bottle of milk into the glass she had downed, but there was still another half of the bottle in her fridge. Ice cold, and so creamy and good, so... so tasty, so wonderful...

I do not own the rights to the original image used for this photo-manipulation, if the owner requests its removal I shall do so =) (Smile)
~The Warlock
I spent last month broiling in a stew of environment hell, trying to figure out how to streamline the process and make it fit in with my own sensibilities. It was...somethin' to say the least. Everything you need to know about each image is in the dump descriptions above.

Off topic: I'm cooling my jets on DAoL for a few months for now (which is kind of a lie in itself because I'll still be drawing it) because WHILE I HAVE HAD SO MUCH FUN exploring this shitty world, I want to switch gears and look at some short comic ideas that have been brewing, which are all very, VERY loose right now and probably awful, but I GOTTA BE OPTIMISTIC. The first one is a really short short that definitely has to be finished by the anniversary of me moving to Chicago, because it is all about "ohhh godddd who am I" and "ohhh godddd I love the city but I'm numb inside" and "ohhhh god i'm straight up just lowkey disassociating ALL THE TIME NOW" and just generally coping with this constant internal static and stuff. It's DUMPY and around 13 really short scrappy pages but I'm excited to work on it as my jump back to Tiny Self-Publishing Comic Sprints.

The second one is still in the works entirely plot wise, but uses some older characters from 2012 I think. Lessee how it goes. I don't want to work on it too much ahead yet because the main goal really is pumping out short  narratives first before I lock on to a slightly longer short-form thing.


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